clare-2012 Clare Davies B.Ed. M.Sc (Reflexology, Healing, Kinesiology, Allergy Muscle Testing, Emotional Stress Release, Aromatherapy, Hopi Ear Candles, Iridology, Stress Management, Colonic Hydrotherapy and Hot Stone Massage)

Michelle Davies B.Sc Hons (Osteopathy and Cranial Osteopathy)Visit Website
Rita Davies Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy, Geo- therapy, Cranial -Sacral Therapy(CST), Reiki and Angelic Healing/Teacher. Registered (C.N.H.C) Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council, Massage Training InstituteĀ (M.T.I)

Simon Griffiths (Sports Massage and Seated Acupressure) Simon has great experience working with footballers in Champions League
Julia Hart BSc Traditional Chinese Medicine. British Acupuncture Council(BAC) Registered Acupuncture Council.
Steve Husbands (homeopath)
Jenifer Higgins MA (Coun) – Therapeutic Counselling, The Radiance Technique Ā®